Aviv Tasa, Esq

אביב-בAviv Tasa, Esq., is a partner and the founder of Aviv Tasa Law Firm.

Aviv Tasa specializes in real estate transactions and planning and construction and is one of the pioneer lawyers in the area of urban renewal.

Over the years, Aviv has accompanied development companies, construction companies, public organizations, acquisition groups and investors in complex real estate transactions and large scale housing projects.

Aviv has gained extensive experience and much knowledge in various areas of real estate transactions, including real estate development, sale transactions, urban renewal, income producing real estate, acquisition groups and real estate financing. Likewise, Aviv has argued hundreds of cases before the Cooperative Houses (Condominiums) Registrar.

Aviv provides individual and close support to his clients, beginning with  the first stages of the transaction, including zoning change, TABA (City Zoning Plan) change, negotiations for signing of simple or complex sales contracts and up through and including preparation of the agreement and reporting of the transaction to the tax authorities.

Aviv served as vice-chairman of the Real Estate Forum of the Israel Bar Association and chairman of the Bar Association’s urban renewal team. In this capacity, Aviv was present in the Knesset and various committees discussing and promoting the area of urban renewal in Israel. Likewise, Aviv has been involved in urban renewal legislation procedures and adaptation of regulatory practices over the past few years.

Aviv has also represented the Better Housing Association in 12 (!) cities in Central Israel, including the city of Tel Aviv, and was among the founders of the Association of TAMA 38 Companies in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Aviv also served as legal counsel to the Association.

The reputation which Aviv has acquired in his field among both colleagues and clients, as well as his professional knowledge, experience and expertise have made him a sought after lecturer in numerous radio and television shows, various seminars of the Israeli Bar Association and educational institutions and organizations. Likewise, Aviv participates in various Knesset discussions regarding real estate laws, planning and construction and urban renewal.


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