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Aviv Tasa’s Law Office is a professional boutique law firm with proven experience in a wide range of real estate transactions, ranging from basic agreements through complex arrangements involving aspects of partial exchange transactions, planning and construction, as well as obtaining the necessary permits from all authorities involved in each project.

The firm is noted among the leading firms in the field of urban renewal. The firm’s vast experience, as well as the extensive professional knowledge it has acquired, are the source of the firm’s prominence in this field.

The Aviv Tasa Law Office offers legal services for projects, developers, acquisition groups and private customers, and provides an extensive range of services in the real estate field, including advice, analysis and project viability assessments prior to undertaking a project, as well as services during the full course of project implementation.

The firm’s lawyers are experts in all areas relating to the establishment of projects, including acquisition group projects, as well as projects defined as TAMA 38 (N.O.P. – National Outline Plan) or Evacuation – Construction (Pinui – Binui). The firm is involved in the largest number of finished and completed urban renewal projects and oversees scores of projects still under various stages of construction.

The firm holds profound experience and expertise in all areas of real estate in all of its various aspects including: TAMA 38, Evacuation – Construction (Pinui – Binui) claims, planning and construction, support for acquisition groups, sales transactions, expropriation, condominiums, building defects and more.

Likewise, the firm provides clients with professional and extensive legal care in all areas concerning their properties.

Aviv Tasa, Esq., founder and head of the firm, is an experienced real estate lawyer with over 15 years of professional experience in the real estate field. Moreover,  Aviv  is known as a popular lecturer in the fields of real estate, planning and construction and urban renewal.

Furthermore, Aviv frequently participates in various forums and lectures to diverse audiences including municipal conferences and various professional bodies. He is a much sought-after lecturer for numerous radio and television programs, assorted Bar Association seminars, and academic institutions and organizations. In addition, Aviv is among the creators and founders of the TAMA 38 course in the Fishman Center for Real Estate and is numbered among the Center’s staff of lecturers.

Aviv also participates in numerous Knesset committee sessions and discussions regarding real estate laws, planning and construction and urban renewal.

In addition to specific expertise in real estate, Aviv Tasa’s office provides full legal coverage in real estate as well as comprehensive legal services within the firm for the numerous legal issues regarding various aspects of real estate, in addition to urban renewal.

The firm’s staff has impeccable knowledge of the industry and as part of its activity conducts complex sales transactions, provides individual support for residents, contractors and developers, administrates acquisition groups and more.  It is important to emphasize that in addition to the firm’s real estate activity as stated above, the firm is presently accompanying scores of municipal urban renewal projects throughout the country.

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